Puppy Training

Puppies are cute, cuddly and entertaining. They can be a wonderfully enriching part of any family but… this does not come without hard work, understanding and dedication. Far too many puppies once they reach adulthood end up in rescue centres because owners either did not have the time or drive to train their puppy.

The first 16-20 weeks of a puppies life are absolutely crucial in determining what kind of personality your puppy will ultimately have in adulthood, by putting the hard work in from the ground running you can eradicate many common issues that a lot of adult dogs owners face like separation anxiety, nuisance barking, pulling on lead just to name a few.


Are you planning on taking on a new puppy? There are lots of questions that we should ask ourselves before we do such as…

Which breed would best suit my lifestyle? How will a puppy fit into my working life? Should I get a dogwalker or use a daycare service? What food should I give my puppy? What about excercise? When should I begin training and how do I go about this? etc

A pre- puppy appointment is the best way to get all your questions answered and feel fully prepared for the new addition to your family. It is advised that once you have taken on your puppy you also book in for a New Puppy! New Start!

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Congratulations! on your new puppy. A New Puppy! New Start appointment is the perfect way to welcome your puppy into your home. We will cover all aspects of puppyhood and how puppies learn, we will talk about boundaries and how to integrate your puppy into your family. We will also talk through the basics of toilet training, crate training (if necessary), puppy nutrition, biteing/mouthing and answer any questions you may have. 

It is recommended that these sessions are booked in within the first week of your puppy arriving.

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A private consultation for you and your puppy. These consultations are taylor made for you and last up to two hours. You could be struggeling with aggression, over-excitability or basic obedience such as recall or on-lead walking. Whatever the issue these sessions are specifically designed to tackle the cause and not just deal with the effect. Aftercare includes a detailed programme for your dog and ongoing contact via phone/email.

Under 8 months.

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