Adult Dog Training

Problem behaviours in pet dogs are very common and can really disrupt your relationship. Luckily most of these problem behaviours are simple to rectify, however, as owners it can be hard to seperate ourselves from the situation and see what’s really going on. As a canine behaviourist my primary goal is to help you and your dog understand each other better creating a language that will allow you to communicate effectively.  Consultations are usually taken in your own home where you and your dog spend the most time. 


A private consultation for you and your dog/dogs. These consultations are taylor made for you and last up to two hours. You could be struggeling with aggression, over-excitability or basic obedience such as recall or on-lead walking. Whatever the issue these sessions are specifically designed to tackle the cause and not just deal with the effect. Aftercare will include a detailed programme for your dog and ongoing contact and support via phone/email.

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Most consultations will need a follow up session where we can discuss how you and your dog are finding any new training methods we have implemented. You may be struggeling with some aspects of the training that we can re-address. These sessions last around 30-40mins and can be completed either in the home or out on a walk.

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